Documentary photographer and videographer, my work is dedicated to the use of photography as a tool for social dialogue as an image-maker, and researcher.

Seeking to deepen this line of questioning, I am currently embarking on a PhD in the anthropology and sociology of development, exploring the evolutions in the visual economy of the Colombian conflict. My Masters research, completed at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in 2014, similarly focussed on this subject through the research project Stirring up Atrocity : Photography and Conflict Transformation in Kenya.

In 2015 I engaged with the question of European borders, with a photographic and videographic research project largely published on the plateform Gauge. This work is articulated around the movements of refugees on Balkan route and in Greece, as well as the social dynamics and politics in Switzerland and France. Specifically, my attention is brought to the independent volunters, largely European citizens and the evolution of their understanding of Europe and of selves in light of their experiences.

Based in Geneva, I focus today on photographic and videographic production for organisations working in the human rights sector.

My work has been published in : Le Temps, Le Courrier, Arqtist Magazine, Paris Lit Up Magazine, Le Magazine de l’Hospice Général, The Bastille Magazine, Pressenza