Short Films



Un train qui passe (2018, 20min, documentary)

Languages: French, Tigrinya (Subs: French, English)Director
Facades grey with fatigue, shutters squeaking in the wind, and windows scattered with light hide on this small parcel of land that hugs the train tracks. 65 years of life are embedded in this small, working class neighbourhood in the heart of Geneva’s urban periphery. Un train qui passe explores the social relations in this ephemeral space, shared by long-time residents, temporary newcomers, and asylum seekers, in the months leading up to its immanent demolition.


Juillet (2016, 1:42)

Director, camera, editing

A snaphsot of the feeling engendered by the omnipresence of the camera in our lives, Juillet (July) puts forward events mediatized during the month of July 2016.




News & docs


Paroles de Manifestants: Renvoi de la fratrie Musa (2016, 4:56)

Director, camera, editing

Perspectives of protesters opposed to the deportation of the Musa siblings in Geneva, Switzerland on 6 September 2016.


The Closure of the Serbian-Hungarian Border (2015, 6:43) 

Walking Off (2015, 4:24) 

Asstohatolom (2015, 4:43)

Director, camera (with Sarah Bittel), editing

Three shorts that make up part of a broader article on the conditions faced by refugees immediately prior to and following the closure of the Serbian-Hungarian border in September 2015. The article analyses the policies and practices of intimidation of the Hungarian state, and its repercussions on the ground.

Article published on Gauge, a collaborative platform for visual research, highlighting the project of artist-researchers and documentarists. For more information, check out the full article, Busses to Somewhere: the 6 days surrounding the closure of the Hungarian border by Marie de Lutz and Sarah Bittel.





Freudenberg Jodel

Director, camera, editing

Vocal Cheese performs the Freudenberg Jodel at the Plein Air à Voltaire Festival 2016



Director, camera, editing

Chlore, written and performed by La Compagnie dans l’Escalier performed at l’Abri, Geneva, April 2017.


Rencontre avec Raed Andoni et Manon Schick – Cinémas du Grütli

Camera & editing

Rencontres de Cinéma at Grütli Cinemas in Geneva. Here, a discussion with Raed Andoni, director of the film Ghost Hunting, and Manon Shick, Director of Amnesty International Switzerland.



Promo & other

La particpation, du logement au quartier

Director, camera, editing
urbaMonde and the Plateforme de formation transfrontalière en développement urbain address how residents can become producers of their living spaces and neighbourhoods in the Annemasse agglomeration.


The Port at CERN Hackathon – Smart Wobble Board (2017, 1:45)

Camera, editing

Presentation of the smart wobble board developed during the 2017 The Port at CERN Hackathon.


La Terre de Luna


Promo video for La Terre de Luna, a playful saga to think of the stakes of the 21st century. Available on the App Store and soon on Google Play (French only).


Retiring the PLU Bible

Director, camera, editing

Paris Lit Up retires it’s first book, marking a new chapter for Belleville’s Spoken Word scene.