A Passing Train (2018, 20 min.)

Facades grey with fatigue, shutters squeaking in the wind, and windows scattered with light hide on this small parcel of land that hugs the train tracks. 65 years of life are embedded in this small, working class neighbourhood in the heart of Geneva’s urban periphery. Un train qui passe explores the social relations in this ephemeral space, shared by long-time residents, temporary newcomers, and asylum seekers, in the months leading up to its immanent demolition.

Languages: French, Tigrinya (Subs: French, English)

Memory Walk in El Castillo, Meta, Colombia (2019)

In 2016 the Government of Colombia and FARC signed Peace Accords. The same year, the parish of Medellín del Ariari organized a first walk in the memory of the victims of the conflict. In 2019, in its third year, the Walk for the Martyrs of the Alto Ariari sought ot make visible the challenges and experiences of rural communities in the region.

Languages: English, Spanish

ET Voilà (2015, 11 min.)

 Documentary short exploring the situation of a young undocumented migrant in Switzerland, from the perspective of his housemates who await his uncertain return from a migrant center. Ethnography of a living space. Produced during the visual anthropology workshop of the Swiss Anthropological Association. Screened at the Plein Air à Voltaire Film Festival 2015.

Language: French


The Closure of the Serbian-Hungarian Border (2015)

Three-part short documenting the days immediately prior to and following the closure of the Serbian-Hungarian border in September 2015. Part of a larger article, “Busses to Somewhere”, and series.

The article examines practices of intimidation as the Hungarian State closed its border to refugees and migrants, and its immediate repercussions.
Published on a collaborative platform for visual research, highlighting the project of artist-researchers and documentarists led by Marie de Lutz and Sarah Bittel.

International Development Policy Journal (2017-2023)

Production of video shorts featuring author’s contributions to the Open Access journal’s special editions. More videos available on the International Development Policy Journal’s platform.


Languages: English, French, Spanish

urbaMonde: du Logement au Quartier (2018)

Promotional film featuring the third “journée participative” (participation day) of the ZAC Etoile participatory housing scheme in Annemasse, with the collaboration of Association urbaMonde and Annemasse Agglo.


Language: French


The Port at CERN Hackathon (2017)

Series of videos featuring innovations developed during the 2017 CERN Hackathon at The Port

Language: English

La terre de Luna (2017)

Vidéo de promotion pour La Terre de Luna, une épopée ludique pour réfléchir sur les enjeux du 21e siècle. Disponible sur l’App Store et bientôt sur Google Play –


Language: French