Research & editing profile


I am a photographer, filmmaker, and anthropologist, specializing in documentary production for the human rights, humanitarian, and development sectors.

My research is anchored in feminist and decolonial methodologies, and examines the ways that images and approaches to their use participate in social change. I am particularly attentive to questions of voice and narrative in filmic practices.

In this capacity, I apply my research on the question of images and the social worlds in which they operate to my editorial work.

Presently, I am completing a Phd in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at the Geneva Graduate Institute. My dissertation examines the socio-political dynamics surrounding the emergence and circulation of the menstrual cup in Colombia.

Orphaned Landscapes:

Violence Visuality, and Appearnce in Indonesia


by Patricia Spyer


Conceptualization of the visual design of the monograph in line with author’s vision. Preparation, editing, and compositing of images (app. 80) for print including color/exposure corrections, image treatment & and layout.

Paris Lit Up Magazine

Issue 3


“Stirring up Atrocity n°1 – n°6”


Photo essay combining the series ‘Nairobi Roads’ and excerpts from Stirring up Atrocity: Photography and Conflict Transformation in Kenya.

Stirring up Atrocity:

Photography & Conflict Transformation in Kenya


MA Thesis


Thesis for the Master’s in the Anthropology and Sociology of Development, Geneva Graduate Institute.